Stuff I can do

Stuff I can do

Stay active

Exercise is good for you, and it does what it says on the tin. Moving about can lower your stress levels, take your mind off things, and make you feel better. It’s not a magic pill that completely gets rid of stress, but it’ll help remove some of the pressure.

Be proactive

It might be overwhelming when you’ve got something on your mind, but the feeling will get worse if you don’t do anything. Stay calm, think and try to work out how you’ll approach the issue.

Man time with your mates

Having a group of mates as a support system can be good for you. Spending time with them, whether it’s having a drink, playing sports or just popping round can do you good. Spending time with others gets you to relax, and if you have a laugh then all the better!

Me, myself and I

It’s all well and good to spend time with others, but we all have those moments when you need some space, do you know what I mean? You might have had a bit of a bad day in the office, or something going on in your mind. Try to have some quality 'me time' every couple of nights, see if it does the trick.

Push yourself

Life can sometimes get a bit mundane, and you start to lose interest. The brain is a sharp tool if honed properly. Try something new to keep yourself on your toes – you’ll be surprised what you can pick up. How about learning a language or doing something arty? Click here for more information on local adult learning classes.

Give your habits a workout

Unhealthy habits like drinking too much alcohol, smoking, being inactive can impact how you cope with stress. Using these as a crutch when you’re stressed isn’t the best thing to do – you’re only putting your head in the sand. The best thing is to try moving away from that, which will help you to tackle the root of your stress.

Lend a hand

This might sound a little strange but doing some work for charities or in the community helps. Working on community projects can sometimes help with your situation, and make you more mindful.

Get your gears in check

Take a step back every now and again, assess the situation and notice what you’re doing. You can often get stress relating to work, it might feel chaotic at times. Create a list of things to do and prepare to work through them one by one, this will help to prevent you from stressing.

Be a thumbs up guy!

Ever heard of the saying “You are what you feel”, no? That’s because I made it up. It should be a rule. Take a note of you’re feelings across various times of the day, as well as the state you were in. A little bit of gratitude can go a long way!

Go with the flow

There are some things we just aren’t able to control, and at time like this we should just take the hint and accept these things.

Early Symptoms

Early Symptoms

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. But if you’re stressed, you’d probably not want to make lemonade. It might feel like there is too much on your plate to cope with and you don’t know what to do. Here are some signs that can help you find out if you might be stressed: 

  • Feeling aggressive, or having a short fuse
  • On edge or nervous
  • Racing thoughts, unable to switch off
  • Can’t have a good time
  • Have no interest in life
  • No sense of humour
  • Find yourself alone
  • Can’t concentrate
  • Indecisive
  • Eating too much or not enough
  • Smoking more than usual. Likewise, drinking more alcohol than usual
  • Always fidgeting
  • Shortness of breath/panic attacks
  • Can’t sleep or can’t stay asleep
  • Not interested in sex, or a loss of libido
  • High blood pressure
  • Feeling nauseous or dizzy

(Source: Mind)

Useful Videos

Useful Videos

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Local Help in Buckinghamshire

Local Help in Buckinghamshire

Find yourself stressed about work, family or just life in general? Have the useful videos on our website not helped you feel less stressed? Why not check out the 'Stuff I Can Do' section of the website for some handy tips and advice. If the feeling of stress does not subside, speak to your local GP for advice.

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