Sloths sleep for 20 hours a day…


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Believing you've slept well, even if you haven't, improves performance.

1 in 4 of both men and women experience some kind of mental health problem in the course of a year with anxiety and depression being the most common problems. Men sometimes don’t recognise the early warning signs and act on them.

Getting a hangover in Ancient Rome meant you had two options - eating a fried canary or cabbage to cure your hangover. These days you can probably get away with one of those two.

Ever felt a bit sad after sex? It’s a real thing! Men can feel down for up to six hours after orgasm because the emotional part of the brain that has no part in the orgasm rebounds heavily afterwards.

Sometimes the scenes in Eastenders are a bit over the top and dramatic, but they do demonstrate some pretty hard-hitting scenarios to raise awareness.

Most fruit and veg contains a small amount of alcohol, although not enough to get drunk!

Our sleepiest times of day are actually 2AM and 2PM. This excuse may not necessarily work on your boss though, should you decide to take a quick snooze in the afternoon.

When you're worried, you really do get cold feet! This is your body's fight or flight response, where it relocates the blood flow to protect your vital organs.

The biggest slot machine win in Las Vegas was a total of $39,713,982.25.  Just remember though the average daily pay-out of a slot machine is only $108.36… so the odds are very much against you!

Ever seen a giraffe asleep? They only need between 10 minutes and 2 hours sleep per day.

A whopping 74 tv programmes displayed storylines on mental health issues, including 53 self-harm scenarios and 33 occurrences of violence. Most instances were made the characters out to be the victim.

SAD syndrome (Seasonal affective disorder) is when you feel down in the winter months.

Depression can be triggered by something as simple as the ending of a tv programme. So don’t be surprised if you feel a bit down about the end of a series of Top Gear.

How many assistants would do this now? Before the invention of alarm clocks individuals were employed to knock on people’s windows with a stick to wake them up!

Did you know that a lot of well know celebrities suffer from OCD? Daniel Radcliffe, David Beckham, Leonardo Dicaprio and Justin Timberlake to name a few!

Dolphins and ducks can sleep with only one half of their brain at a time. Just think what you could do with all those extra Brain Cells!

Put that smartphone down - Spending too long on social networks or chat rooms can make you feel down

He who laughs last thinks slowest.

No man is an island. We forget who said that, but it’s true. A common reason for guys feeling down is loneliness. It only takes a minute to reach out to a friend or loved one to call a man in your life and say hi.